Christa Sutton's Vision Board Workshop - December 9, 2016

One Friday, when I usually would be sleeping in so I can fully prepare for the weekend of either complete laziness or way too much fun, I decided to be productive and attend a vision board workshop. This workshop was designed to help anyone looking to organize their thoughts and dreams on paper. 2017 is quickly approaching, and it is always nice to have a vision for the upcoming year.  A group of individuals from all walks of life, but all with the same goal in mind, joined together for a day of fun. The workshop not only consisted of fun arts and craft, but also an in depth lesson on why it is important to have visions for you life, and how to pinpoint your goals and dreams. We even took a specialized personality test to help us learn why we do the things we do, respond and react to things in life like we do, and how those things are connected toour personal and professional growth. I loved how Trista kept the event small and intimate, so it was very individualized, and she gave us one on one attention.  I am so glad that I went, and of course I had the chance to snap a few pictures while I was there! Thanks Christa!

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