Treasure Valley NAACP Martin Luther King Commemorative Dinner - January 14, 2017

I am currently the marketing coordinator for the Treasure Valley NAACP chapter, and I am loving every moment of it. I am able to give back to the community, while helping fight on the behalf of those that don't have a large enough voice to fight for themselves.  Another thing that I love about the organization is it is always involved with helping to keep diversity at the forefront of  the school. Recently, the MLK Living Legacy Committee held 2 weeks of celebrations to commemorate the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. One of the final events was a visit from nationally known author and commentator Tavis Smiley.

Smiles Last Forever - December 17, 2016

There is nothing better than seeing a big bright smile on someone's face. Especially when you are a photographer, and you get to make it last forever! This weekend I had a day full of capturing smiles. I started my morning at a fundraiser. Jack Trent & Co. hosted a free photo with Santa event at their office. They collected items and monetary donations for The Humane Society, Advocates Against Family ViolenceThe Ronald McDonald House, and The Closet. Santa was sponsored by The Next Step Seminar, who you learned about in a previous post. Yours truly was there taking the photos while being dressed as an elf! Santa and I joked with the kids that the reason I was taller than him was because I always eat all of his cookies. It was a great way to make all the children smile. 

Once I left that event, I headed over to a friend's house to help her celebrate her graduation from Boise State University. It was great being able to share those moments with her, but most importantly to meet more of her family members. They were all full of smiles and joy, laughing and enjoying each other's company. Although I had just got off work, I knew I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't take the time to capture those smiles. One thing that stuck out to me was all of their beautiful bright and shiny white teeth. It came to no surprise to me because one of their siblings is a dental hygienist.  She keeps them on top of their dental hygiene. :-)

Christa Sutton's Vision Board Workshop - December 9, 2016

One Friday, when I usually would be sleeping in so I can fully prepare for the weekend of either complete laziness or way too much fun, I decided to be productive and attend a vision board workshop. This workshop was designed to help anyone looking to organize their thoughts and dreams on paper. 2017 is quickly approaching, and it is always nice to have a vision for the upcoming year.  A group of individuals from all walks of life, but all with the same goal in mind, joined together for a day of fun. The workshop not only consisted of fun arts and craft, but also an in depth lesson on why it is important to have visions for you life, and how to pinpoint your goals and dreams. We even took a specialized personality test to help us learn why we do the things we do, respond and react to things in life like we do, and how those things are connected toour personal and professional growth. I loved how Trista kept the event small and intimate, so it was very individualized, and she gave us one on one attention.  I am so glad that I went, and of course I had the chance to snap a few pictures while I was there! Thanks Christa!

For more information about workshops and coaching:

Christa Sutton - 307-258-7580

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The Next Step Seminar - NOVEMBER 19, 2016

Bryan Campbell is a motivational speaker with an incredible life story. For over 30 years, The Next Step and Bryan have inspired people all over the United States by helping them to really take a deep look within themselves and their life. The purpose of The Next Step is to create leaders in the community to inspire others. On Saturday, November 20th, Bryan held a seminar where multiple business leaders and community members participated in a day of motivational speeches, activities, music and more. The event was held in Meridian, ID at New Ventures Lab, a shared flexible meeting space. I loved shooting this event because there was so much passion in the room. Everyone was so in tune with what he was saying, and you could tell that no one planned to leave in the same mind set.

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Bryan Campbell - 208-891-4995  or

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Boise State University hosted a Veterans Day Celebration on November 11, 2016 to honor both their current and past students. The event was held in the Stueckle Sky Center, Double R Ranch Room. This room has a beautiful view over the city as it sits high inside of Albertson Stadium looking out over the city, the mountains, and the world famous Bronco blue field. During the celebration friends and family were able to honor the Veterans in their lives, presentations were given, and there was a performance by the Garfield Elementary Honor Choir. Even Miss Idaho made a special appearance and chatted with the Veterans.


I had the pleasure of shooting the Open House Event at the Nampa Civic Center on October 23. Although the Civic Center has been open for many years, the team recently decided to rename the Auditorium. The new auditorium is now named the Don Brandt Fine Arts Theater. City of Nampa Mayor, Bob Henry presented 5 community awards to people in the community who are striving to keep the arts thriving in the Nampa community. There was also a surprise performance, a scene from The Little Mermaid, that was performed live the following week at the theater.  It was a great night, congratulations to the Nampa Civic Center team!


Breanna Baker is a local photographer and model in the Boise, ID area. She hosts "Head Shot Swap" Meetups in the area. This is a chance for local photographers to practice taking head shots, as well as have their head shots taken by another professional photographer. A lot of times as a photographer, you do not get the luxury of being on the other side of the camera.  On October 23, I was honored to do a headshot swap with this talented photographer! We met at Camel's Back Park downtown Boise. The day started out a little bit chilly, but the Boise climate didn't let us down. It quickly warmed up, and we were able to make photographic magic together! Not only did we have the opportunity to take photos of each other, but we also exchanged ideas, got to know each other, and began the beginning of a wonderful professional relationship. Photographers have to stick together! Thanks for the wonderful photo Bre!